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What is a Pin Up Campaign?

A pin up campaign consists of small sheets of paper, also known as "pin ups", which individuals can purchase for a minimum of a $1 donation. The individual signs their card and then it is proudly displayed, or pinned up, in a highly visible location. As more people participate, the display of support grows and makes an impactful statement. 

How to start your Pin Up Fundraiser.

Contact us at or call us at (956)337-8967 to request your Pin Up Fundraiser Kit at absolutely no cost. 

The Fundraising Kit Contains the following:

*100 Pin Ups (We can accommodate you with more if needed.) 

*One 18"x24in Campaign Goal Poster

*One 18"x24in Childhood Cancer Awareness Poster

*One 2'x4ft Childhood Cancer Awareness Banner

*One Pin Up Campaign Wrap Up Form

*One Tool Kit to guide you for a successful fundraiser

Pin Up Campaign Tool Kit

8.5x11 Pin Up Campaign 1st Page.png
8.5x11 Pin Up Campaign 2nd Page.png
8.5x11 Pin Up Campaign 3rd Page.png

Childhood Cancer Awareness Poster

18x24 Awareness Flyer 1.png
18x24 Goal Flyer.png

Pin Up Goal Poster

Banner Mock up - School.jpg

Childhood Cancer Awareness Banner

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